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On-Site Office Chair Massage
I will help take care
of you and your company.
The potential benefits of chair massage are quite broad and
substantive, benefits that can make a real and lasting impact in your
working environment. These benefits are not only measurable in scientific
studies but are also felt by each and every recipient of massage. This is
what makes chair massage such a valuable service to bring to your work
environment. These distinct benefits translate very well as thank you's and
rewards for employees who work hard for your business. Whether you want
to reward employees for that final push on the last big project or say
thank you periodically for all their hard work, chair massage is a
benefit that counts.

Workplace Chair Massage   Will Help Employees:
Will Help Your Business: -Decrease Aches and Pain
-Increase Productivity   -Reduce Stress
 -Decrease Absenteeism   -Lessen Anxiety
     -Improve Retention Rates   -Increase Morale
            -Decrease Chance of Injury  -Motivate Employees            
   -Improve Immune Function  -Elevate Morale
and more!

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Joel  Quinn Massage Therapist
Serving metro Atlanta 34 + years
Excepting credit cards or cash

Enjoy my new Jeanie Rub Professional Massager




Yep that's me the one & only Joel Quinn  CMT CNA



Massage therapist 30 + years


My best reference is A.G.Rhodes Homes

In which I had the honer to do chair massage

for 200 + staff members 15 people once a

every week at Wesley Woods 

for a little over 2 &1/2 years

& Boulevard (Atlanta) for 10 month's.

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