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For starters, my life goal's are endless.
#1: I plan to open a  DIY (do it yourself)  holistic learning center using instruments like, rife frequency generators, biofeedback, radionic instruments, far infrared saunas, hydrotherapy & 
much more.
It will have a juice bar, a small health food store.
There will also be some hands on health practitioner's like  Electro Medicine, Massage therapist, a Chiropractor, Colon therapist, Naturopath & much more.

#2: I'am going to start a non profit org. to give the elderly a new lease on life using a
mazing space age electro medicine (Electro Acuscope / Myopulse) see Acuscope link above.

#3: I plan on incorporating the holistic learning center with a large building housing 10 or more Gyro Gym's,  I will call it Gyrotopia, see link below for theraputic value.


#4: I have an idea to cure our water shortage here in America,
see link below.


My idea for our water shortage & power solution link