NOTICE recent up date the inventor, Dr. Art Chambers passed away Aug. 17th 2007,

all though his loving wife will contenue to run the Acuspark business from now on

Sorry no Acusparks are available any where on Earth at this time,

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AcuTrigger Professional replaces the Acuspark
The AcuTrigger is the best Meridian Point Stimulator and is used worldwide for pain relief and energy point stimulation. The AcuTrigger is a Professional Model and is made in the USA! Ours exclusive, and includes User Guidelines, Meridian Point Charts, and FREE shipping in the contiguous USA. Lifetime Warranty. (If for some reason your unit stops working, simply return it to us with a check for $25 to cover replacement, handling, and shipping.)

Important Note: The original Acuspark, invented by Dr. Art Chambers, became unavailable in 2007, the year of Dr. Chambers' unfortunate death. Our AcuTrigger Professional Model is a high-quality alternative to the original Acuspark. Many users have reported to us that our AcuTrigger Professional Model has the same feel, the same power, and the same energetic effects as Dr. Chambers' original Acuspark

The Amazing  Acuspark

 FDA approved for temporary pain relief. 

The Acuspark works like Acupuncturs 
with out the puncture (no needles), if there is pain just spark it and the pain is gone.

. #1. The Acuspark is a self-energizing generator that requires no batteries.
The Acuspark looks like a miniature pogo stick. It is made with a special parameter ceramic crystal that is tuned by a proprietary process.

The Acuspark unit is 3 inches long with a stainless steel jacket and finger grips.
As you press down on the plunger a small amount of electrical energy is created and that is what you feel on your skin. The sensation is like being lightly snapped with a rubber band.

#2. The Acuspark comes with a limited lifetime warranty replacement guarantee.

#3.Acuspark may safely be used on people of any age.

#4. The purpose of the Acuspark is the temporary relief from pain found throughout the body from time to time. Persistent pain should be managed by the health care professional of your choice.

#5. The Acuspark does not cure disease or mask pathologies. Its purpose is to act as a normalizing influence on the human body.
The Acuspark is useful for Painful, stiff or swollen joints Muscle spasms or strains Various types of headaches Neck, back and shoulder pain Leg and foot pain.

#6. The most important feature of the Acuspark is its ability in balancing (or normalizing) the electrical energies of the body without causing an over or under functioning condition of the nerve fiber system.
 Thus allowing the body its best opportunity to correct itself. The Acuspark neutralizes static electricity and is non-polarizing. It stimulates the release of the body's natural opiates that include endorphins, which are up to 50 times more powerful than morphine.
It produces a balanced, non-polarizing energy. The instrument produces mechanical, thermal, and electrical stimuli. The electrical energy produced by the Acuspark is a balanced positive and negative energy.
It can only neutralize static electricity. It cannot polarize, depolarize, magnetize, demagnetize or create a static field.
No health claims of any kind are made for the instrument

.#7. Acuspark vs. Acupuncture The Acuspark simultaneously produces a mechanical stimulus, a thermal stimulus, and an electrical stimulus.
Pressing the spring-loaded plunger releases a trip hammer that strikes the crystal, producing a mechanical stimulus.
The excited cells of the ceramic crystal release their electrical potential, which sets off a chain of electro-chemical reactions that send messages to the brain.
The electrical current appears to furnish probably the best stimuli for the production of neuro-transmitters.
The electrical messages that reach the brain are interpreted and the brain makes a responsible action.
The brain organizes the proper peptides to return the body to its homeostatic state, if the raw material is available in the body.
 Acupuncture needles can produce a similar effect if you add heat (Moxi) and electrical current.
The Acuspark instrument safely produces all of these stimuli, plus a wide range of frequencies - without the threat of contamination from needles.
The Acuspark seems to provide consistent temporary relief of pain, 
The Acuspark - Original and Unique The Acuspark is the original piezo-electric instrument used by health care providers since 1974, specifically designed to provide temporary relief from pain.
There are a few imitation products on the market. Acuspark continues a 32 year history of quality, satisfaction and warrant service.
You can pay less but you can't buy better. Essentially with every use of the Acuspark instrument, the body is placed in the electrical balance state; thus placing the conductivity of the nerve fiber system in the median range.

#8. What People Think “The Acuspark has provided me with an immediate way to normalize the homeostasis of the patient.” -Dr. C. Heuser
“Our son suffered an auto accident that paralyzed him from the neck down. As you can imagine, his body is in constant turmoil.
The Acuspark has been provided to create an atmosphere for relief of pain and tension in his body.” -B. Marshall"
Using the Acuspark instead of acupuncture needles relieves my patients' fear of pain and contamination.” -Dr.K.Plott 
I suffer from a degenerating spine disease that causes severe muscle spasms. The Acuspark provides immediate relief.”J.Genet/Researcher “
AcuTherapy seems to provide a longer result. It is easily applied and it's immediacy of response is rewarding.”-F.Rundlet/Hospital Administrator “
The continual changes in altitude seem to move my energy out of balance resulting in lower back pain. Using the Acuspark provides immediate relief. I also use the Acuspark on reflexology points. This seems to enhance clarity which is so important in my profession.” -J.Schweitzer/ Airline Pilot “
Having used the Acuspark for everything from bruises to broken bones, I have to tell you it’s a wondrous thing! Thank you so much! Not only has it kept my hands productive as a massage therapist by helping keep the inflammation down…but last year on different occasions I broke my left thumb and sprained both ankles. With each occurrence I was able to go back to work doing massages in a week. It was almost unbelievable!” -D. Scott/ Massage, Therapist. 

#9 The Limited Lifetime Warranty The Acuspark comes with a limited lifetime warranty replacement guarantee.
Should your device fail for any reason, it will be replaced for a small service fee of $25.00, which includes shipping and handling. To obtain a replacement, mail your device to the address listed below. Include a check or money order for $25.00 made out to Acuspark. Be sure to enclose your return mailing address for shipment of the new device.send to Acuspark, P.O. Box 366, Suwanee, GA 30024,
#10. Dr.Art Chambers, M.D. (M.A.), Ph.D., D.Sc., is the inventor and developer of the Acuspark Instrument, the original piezo-stimulating device. Dr. Chambers holds both earned and honorary degrees in Acupuncture and Naturopathy.         
In the 1960's, he sought an alternative to drug therapy for pain relief, because of a personal need resulting from an accidental injury.
The Acuspark Instrument was consequently developed during his studies and training in preparation for the Doctor of Acupuncture degree.
Dr. Chambers has been honored with the " Inventor of the Year Award" by the Inventors Clubs of America. In addition to the Acuspark Instrument, he has developed and produced several other pain and health-related inventions.
He has marketed the Acuspark to healthcare professionals and private individuals throughout the country since 1974.
Dr. Chambers has lectured to thousands of practitioners throughout the world on the electrical properties of the human body.
His knowledge of these human body properties, particularly the effects of frequency response to various types of stimulation, has been most valuable in teaching others about alternative pain relief methods.

in the universe is electrical. The air we breathe, the food we eat, all substances and matter are made of electro-molecular compositions. Modern science has proved that our bodies are masses of controlled electro-magnetic fields.
When these fields are disturbed by stronger interfering energies, the normal flow of electrical energies vital to the body's homeostatic state are altered; thus, affecting the entire body's electrical system.
These stronger overriding energies can be produced by the body through trauma, pressure, abuse and deficiencies of any kind. They can also come from external sources. We believe that most of the energies of the body are produced by the piezo-electric effect.
When cells of any type are stressed, they give off their electrical potential. This electrical energy can either be a positive or negative polarity and any number of different frequencies.
Acuspark uses piezo-electric energies of a broad spectrum of frequencies to neutralize, or normalize, spurious electrical fields. It appears that the Acuspark places the body in a balanced condition so that if the raw materials, vitamins, amino acids, etc. are available, the body can repair itself. When the energy pathways are clear, messages are quickly transmitted, received, and responsive action is taken by the brain. Lymphatic reflexes The continual movement of the lymphatic fluids through the body plays an important role in the health and well-being of the body. It is absolutely vital that the lymphatic system be kept as clear as possible.
The lymphatic reflex points have been used for over a century in diagnosing and treating numerous dysfunctions in the body.
Many healthcare providers use the palpating procedures to "clear" a neuro-lymphatic reflex point to obtain relief from pain and to allow for normal healing to take place. It is our theory that the build-up of static electricity on the walls of the lymph vessels restricts the normal flow of the lymphatic fluids, thus creating a disruption of all the systems of the body. The energy produced by the Acuspark instrument only has the ability to neutralize static electricity.

#11.The Acuspark may be used by yourself or with the assistance of a second person. Hold the Acuspark, placing the fingergrips against the index and middle fingers. Position the thumb on the top of the black, spring-loaded plunger. Place the tip of the Acuspark on the area of pain and begin by depressing the plunger until the instrument "clicks." Continue to reposition the instrument around the area of pain, depressing the plunger with an interval of at least 1 - 2 seconds between "clicks." Do not rapidly "click" the instrument. The difference between you applying the Acuspark to your body and having someone else applying the Acuspark to your body involves the contact needed to complete the circuit. The position of holding the Acuspark in one hand is the same for the second person, but one finger of their opposite hand must be in contact with your body. The person applying the Acuspark to your body needs to be aware that a mild tingle might be felt through their contact finger as the instrument "clicks." This is a normal effect.

#12.Frequently Asked Questions Q. How do I apply the Acuspark? A. Refer to the general discussion on the Home page for instructions on how to use the device. Q. Can the Acuspark be used on Acupuncture and Acupressure points on the body?
 A. Absolutely. Its inventor, Dr. Art Chambers, was given an award by the International Acupuncture Society, and the Acuspark has been called "Acupuncture without the puncture". Also very effective are the Chapman Neurolymphatic reflex points, which are believed by many to be the energy junctions connecting the Nervous System, Lymphatic System (cleaning & immunity), the acupuncture meridians and muscles. Q. Should any areas of the body be avoided? A. Yes.
Do not use the Acuspark on the eyes or genital areas. Q. I've been using my Acuspark for a while now with good results, but it feels like the pulse is getting weaker. Is it? A. Whether or not the Acuspark works is not dependent on the amount of electrical energy you may feel. This energy will be different due to many circumstances, such as weather conditions. The energy level is higher at the outset, and then it levels off after some use. Once it levels, it will not get perceptively weaker. Most of the time it is your body's adjustment to it that makes it seem weaker. The instrument, however, carries a limited lifetime warranty replacement guarantee, should the Acuspark substanially weaken or fail to operate. Q. Will the Acuspark work through my clothing? A. The Acuspark may work through some lighter clothing, but will always work best if applied directly to the skin. 

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Thank you Joel Quinn CMT
 Sorry no Acusparks are available any where on Earth at this time,
see below 

NOTICE recent up date the inventor, Dr. Art Chambers passed away Aug. 17th 2007,

all though his loving wife will contenue to run the Acuspark business from now on

Sorry no Acusparks are available any where on Earth at this time,

you my call me for an up date, Joel at  404-492-3993




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