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NOTICE recent up date the inventor, Dr. Art Chambers passed away Aug. 17th 2007, all though his loving wife will contenue to run the Acuspark business from now on Sorry no Acusparks are available any where on Earth at this time, you my call me for an up date, Joel Quinn at 404-769-0368


AcuTrigger Professional replaces the Acuspark
The AcuTrigger is the best Meridian Point Stimulator and is used worldwide for pain relief and energy point stimulation. The AcuTrigger is a Professional Model and is made in the USA! Ours exclusive, and includes User Guidelines, Meridian Point Charts, and FREE shipping in the contiguous USA. Lifetime Warranty. (If for some reason your unit stops working, simply return it to us with a check for $25 to cover replacement, handling, and shipping.)

Important Note: The original Acuspark, invented by Dr. Art Chambers, became unavailable in 2007, the year of Dr. Chambers' unfortunate death. Our AcuTrigger Professional Model is a high-quality alternative to the original Acuspark. Many users have reported to us that our AcuTrigger Professional Model has the same feel, the same power, and the same energetic effects as Dr. Chambers' original Acuspark



Amazing Space Age Electro Medicine

These machines are bringing phenomenal results in applications as diverse as sports injuries, auto accidents, repetitive motion injuries (carpal tunnel), arthritis, stress reduction and insomnia. The general public now has promising new modes of healing to fight chronic pain, giving us a glimpse of the things to come in this exiting new Century.

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