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In memory if my 97 year old Grandmother Pauline Harkins



Marion & Joy singing to the Lord

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Me and my friend Thomas Jefferson

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My Mom & Dad

Greetings! Jambo! My name is Joel Quinn, my wife's name is Marion Mumbi, we were just married March 4th. 2005, my first marriage, her 2nd.{widowed 11 years} she is DARK CHOCOLATE, I'm VANILLA, she was 54, I was 47  she is a SCORPIO, I'm a CANCER, a match made in Heaven,  I am part Etowah Indian, Irish, Spanish, Italian & all American mutt, my lovely wife Marion is from beautiful Nairobi,Kenya, Kassarani Mutirithia, she speaks 3 languages Kiswahili, Kikuyu & English, we both love the Lord with all our heart's our mind's & all of our strength & we love each other very much & tell each other that  every day, we plan on going to Kenya to meet my new family in which I now have 6 children & 18+ grand children I have never seen in person yet, but I will & when I do it will be one of the most enjoyable days of our lifes, I am so blessed to have this wonderful wife who has raised such good & wonderful children they are all so good, I just can't wait... The Keys to my successful marriage are, I tell my wife I love her several times a day, I lead my wife in prayer every morning, night & in every situation, I never compare my wife to other women, I always tell my wife how beautiful she is every day, you see I saw the enter beauty first from that she became more & more beautiful to me every day, and now when ever I go to work I love to tell all my clients what a wonderful wife I have. Being married to Marion has been the most wonderful days of my life, Life is good, God is good all the time & all the time God is good...New up date, Our Daughter Lilian & her husband Chrispine Khote along with their 4 children starting from ages 3-18 Mark 3, Nicole 7, Leeroy 12 & Cloude 18 all arrived December 13th Wednesday 2006 and now live only one mile from us, here in the good old USA, amen, this has been a whole new adventure for all of us.  


Joel's cell 404-769-0368
Marion,s cell  678-600-5843

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Me and my friend Thomas Jefferson